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Will writing services

Our Wills are created to legally ensure that your assets are left to your chosen beneficiaries – for example, your children and grandchildren. This could include your share of the family home or any other valuable assets you may own.

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Our Will writers have worked with countless people throughout Cardiff

Making a Will is usually a very simple thing to do. Anyone over the age of 18 can do so, and it is almost always advisable to put a Will in place. However, well over 50% of adults in the United Kingdom do not have a Will, and this can have negative consequences on their death.

Those that do make a Will may choose a simple ‘Mirror Will’, leaving everything to each other and then to their ‘alternative’ beneficiaries. This type of Will could then expose all of their assets to avoidable costs, which could well take a lot of their hard-earned money out of the family.

There are also risks of ‘sideways disinheritance’, where the surviving spouse remarries and the Will they made with their original spouse is revoked by this marriage (this is a very commonly overlooked area of the law governing Wills). 

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In some cases, a variation of a’Mirror Will’ may be a sensible solution, potentially with some additional protection for some or all of the assets being left. Alternatively, our experts will be able to suggest an alternative way of legally capturing your wishes and ensuring that your assets are passed to your chosen beneficiaries.

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  • Standard single will: £250

  • Standard mirror will: £400

  • Single Will with Trust: £300

  • Mirror Wills with Trust: £450

  • Declaration of Severance: £100

  • Single Will with Trust & Declaration of Severance: £400

  • Mirror Wills with Trust & Declaration of Severance: £550

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